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Let Us Be Concerned | ያሳስበን

Child Sexual Abuse

Globally 7.9% and 19.7% of male and female children respectively are at risk of sexual violence. From this 30% are perpetrated by family members (Father, Brother, Uncle) and around 60% are done by close relatives such as family friends, neighbors and baby sitters, while Strangers make up only 10% of the violence. According to a report from Gandhi Memorial Hospital, from the 1351 victims who received care at the Hospital from 2004-2009(Eth calendar), 1125 of them were children under the age of 14. And around 70% of the perpetrators were family members or close relatives. Situations that expose children to sexual exploitation. Factors that expose children to sexual exploitation include the lack of strong family support, poor living conditions, the absence of a guardian, being raised by a single parent, the presence of neglectful and abusive parents, living with a family member that abuses drugs and alcohol are some of the factors that take the lion share. Moreover, children with physical or learning disabilities, children with mental disabilities, children who are living in the streets and foster homes, children in prisons and the refugee camps are more prone to be sexually exploited.



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